Local Food Arizona: Nutty Goodness from Arizona!

By Peggy Jo Goodfellow and Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau
Craving some nutty goodness?  Why not crunch on some pecans from the Green Valley Pecan Company located in the Santa Cruz River Valley south of Tucson? The Green Valley Pecan Company has been growing and processing the tastiest and healthiest pecans since 1948.
Their peak of freshness would be in the fall since that’s when pecans are harvested. We (at Arizona Farm Bureau) love selecting them for our gift baskets we give to members, award winners and others because during the holidays there are so many tasty pecan recipes.
From pecan halves to pecan turtles and pies, the Green Valley Pecan Company is your go to store for all things pecan! Their 2-pound gift box of fancy pecan halves is a best buy and can be purchased on their website, www.pecanstore.com. When you visit their website, make sure you check out their “About Us” section to learn more about their unique history on the company and farm, as well as fun farm facts.