Personalization is a Prime Driver to Today’s Food Trends

Food trends move more dynamically than ever before. Personalization is a prime driver including digital interaction tools like Amazon Echo. And Consumers want simple labels, not fear-based labels. Arizona farmers and ranchers celebrate these trends along with you.

sunbutter nutrition facts

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Crack Into a Healthy Egg Today!

Eggs are important to maintain a healthy diet. One egg contains 13 different vitamins and minerals. Crack into this healthy food today!

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Menu Planning Means Better Choices, Better Budgeting

When shopping, plan a menu before going. Buy fresh and what’s in season. Ask the produce manager about vegetables you’ve never tried; be adventurous by preparing something new. Most of all, make sure you’re eating fresh vegetables every meal.

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Egg Yolks are a Natural Source of Vitamin D

Egg yolks are one of the few foods that are a naturally reliable source of Vitamin D. Plus, eggs are an inexpensive source of protein. So, before you leave for work, school or play, fuel your tank with egg protein, essential vitamins and minerals!

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Celebrate Local Arizona Food!

Go to any Arizona grocery store and you’ll be surrounded by local food. You can find it in the dairy, meat and egg case and the produce aisle. 53% of the beef in the meat case comes from Arizona ranches, and you’ve probably already eaten leafy greens from my family’s Yuma farm.

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