Arizona Beef, Serve it for Dinner!

Twenty-nine cuts of beef meet government guidelines for being lean. In Arizona, we raise enough Arizona beef to feed nearly 5 million Americans each year. You can find some of our yummy beef raised by our Arizona ranch families on Fill Your Plate.


Arizona Agriculture’s Olive Oil is Good for the Body!

Putting Olive oil on salad helps the body absorb nutrients. Good to know since Yuma, Arizona is considered the country’s winter Salad Bowl! Use your Queen Creek Olive Mill oil to keep the entire salad local.



Eat More Arizona Agriculture Fruits and Vegetables

Arizona ranks second only to California in production of a variety of fruits and vegetables during the winter and that’s why we call ourselves the Nutrition State. Support a healthy diet and Arizona Agriculture by purchasing and eating your fruits and veggies!




Arizona’s Agriculture Industry Never Sleeps!

Arizona’s sun, seed, soil and well-managed water use equals a nutrition state in the desert producing every food group from January through December. In fact, Arizona’s $17 billion agriculture industry never sleeps.



Fill Your Plate is Busy Sharing Good Food Ideas

Wondering what to cook tonight? Why not check out Arizona Farm Bureau’s mobile friendly Fill Your Plate. We feature three food articles a week that often feature tasty recipes. Or, search our farmers’ market tab and discover a market anywhere in the state.

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