Put Some Steaks on the Grill this Weekend!

The U.S. supplies 25% of the world’s beef with 10% of the world’s cattle. Arizona’s ranchers are 5th– and 6th-generation ranch families, like mine. Put some steaks on the grill this weekend.

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Arizona Farms Grow World-Renowned Wheat!

Arizona farms grow world-renowned wheat loved by international markets – Desert Durum! Italy loves our Desert Durum for pasta! If you sit down to a pasta dinner tonight, it’s probably from Arizona-grown wheat. Add some Arizona wine!


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June is Dairy Month

June is Dairy Month! 97% of milk in the grocery store comes from our local Arizona dairies where the cows make the freshest milk, cheese, and yogurt. A dairy cow will produce 7 gallons of milk every day.

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Choose Dairy Milk, it’s Real Milk.

Look at Labels for products with “Milk” in the title: Dairy milk’s ingredient list is short —milk, vitamins A and D. Non-dairy ingredient lists can be much longer and have 10 or more additives. Choose dairy milk, it’s real milk.

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Arizona Agriculture Grows Wonderfully Juicy Watermelon

It’s summer! Time to find out if a watermelon is ripe by tapping it and listening for the hollow ripe sound. Arizona and California are the largest producers of this centerpiece fruit of your family picnics.

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