Live in the City? Thank a Farmer!

Live in the city? Thank a farmer! Many of Arizona’s biggest urban areas were settled because of irrigated farming. Phoenix started when a farmer grew wheat, barley, and corn with Salt River water.

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Farmers Keep Your Food Safe

USDA and EPA annually test fresh foods for pesticide residues. In 2017, samples were well below safety limits on 99% of them. More than half had no detectable pesticide at all. Eat Your Veggies!

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Arizona Beef is Nutrient-Dense

A 3-ounce serving of Arizona beef is a nutrient-dense food and is the number one source for protein, vitamin B12, and zinc. In Arizona, it’s one of our top ag products.

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May is National Egg Month

May is National Egg Month! Did you know that our own Hickman’s Family Farms produces more than 10 million eggs a day for Arizona families? Eat more eggs, it’s a healthy choice! And, a healthy source of Vitamin D.

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Fill Your Plate is Mobile Friendly

Fill Your Plate is mobile friendly. Your weekend trip requires a morning visit to a farmer’s market. Just take out your smartphone, search Fill Your Plate.org and take advantage of our farmers’ market listing.

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